We are ARQADIUM: a software development & entertainment company focused on building video games for the world to enjoy.

We were originally known as “Trinity Software” from our founding until June 27, 2017, when we underwent a rebranding to our current name. We’ve been in operations since September 1, 2016, and we’re currently working on our debut title: Project Trinity, a 3D JRPG adventure coming soon. ARQADIUM was founded by Alexander Nicholi, and grew out of creative concepts he possessed since 2014. With the help of some friends, work began on a true blue video game. A lot has happened since then, but nonetheless we carry on with our goals and ambitions. Let us show you what we can do.

Company executives

There are only two managers of ARQADIUM, LLC: Alexander Nicholi, and his husband. The latter is listed here pseudonymously as Rune Knytling. They each hold a 50% stake in the company, which will never be divested to third party investors of any kind. Instead, the company is driven as a shareholding member of whatever project-centric legal entities it is interested in.

Alexander Nicholi

ARQADIUM’s original founder, a computer scientist and master systems programmer. He develops all of the code for the company’s various projects, and charts a path for its success using that work.

Rune Knytling

The husband of Alexander, a jack of all trades and master of none. He has a rich background in marketing and focuses mainly on product development using the works of Alexander. He is also a skilled programmer and artist.

Associates & colleagues

Besides ARQADIUM’s managers, there are a few important people that have been involved throughout the company’s history that deserve profiling for their skill and dedication to the company.

Jacob Richards

A Michigan-based composer and Adobe aficionado, he signed on at the company’s founding to compose music for Project Trinity. He chose the font for Arqadium’s logo, and produced the video entitlement with our signature bell and accompanying animation.

“Rose Tinted Dreams”

A Dutch composer who signed on to help with Project Trinity back in 2017. Her forte is with cinematic-style orchestral compositions, and she is still pending to help with Trinity alongside Jacob and the team.