Playable characters

You’re a trust fund kid, but it’s not truffles and roses for you, as you’ve been put out! Your parents are incredibly wealthy, and while they still love you, their temperament has forced you into homelessness, and you need to use your skills and savvy to make it back on track.

You can choose and customise your persona and take any route you think is best to make it to independence! Take a career, become an entrepreneur, or make a mix of those and many other options as you navigate your way back into fortune. Favour with your parents can be a boon, but they want to see you doing it for yourself, so mind that too! How will you fare when all is said and done?

Arqadium is developing a new game, codenamed Project Rich Boy, slated for release in autumn of 2018 on PC and Android, with more platforms thereafter. It is a simulation type game, much like classic titles like “Don’t Get Fired!” and “Tiny Rails” – this time, you’re a rich kid coming of age and you’ve gotta make your life count.

Our mobile-first approach to development will make sure that platform inconsistencies are ironed out at the earliest stages, so you can enjoy the best experience no matter what you’re playing on. While we prototype the game with industry tools, we are also working tirelessly to build the game’s engine, ÔÇô, so the game can run better than ever.