Your decisions—the words you say and the actions you take—shape this world with a force no one can quantify… I hope that one day you will understand the meaning of that.
—the Hitokage

Sample Works

Valerie, our female hero and playable character.
Pepi III Neferkare, Pharaoh of the Osiris Clan.
The world map featured in Project Trinity.

A foreword…

In a sudden turn of events, a city collapses and a trio of teenagers emerge from its ashes, waking to a world of darkness and feud. Humanity has lost its stride, and ominous forces are beginning to consolidate to sieze control of the world around you. Without a moment to spare, the story begins.

It’s your chance to form friendships with the other two survivors, and build alliances to champion the greater good of the land and its people. Starting with a sword, you’ll engage in skill-building in your fight for survival, finding opportunities to work with everything from war machines to magicks intertwined with combat!

As your story continues, you hear about a primordial god named Caligo in a persecuting tone… could it be responsible for your city’s collapse? Advances on the chess board of power are made, giving way not only to your future but illuminating your past as well – what will you make of it?

About the game

Project Trinity is the codename for an all-new 3D Japanese-style role-playing video game in development at ARQADIUM. It will feature real-time 3D combat dynamics on both a micro and macro scale, a massive open world to explore, a story-driven gameplay with complex adventure dynamics, and unique character development as the game progresses with three playable characters to choose from.

Trinity isn’t something we’re intent on rushing. In fact, the reason we work on other games is often in an effort to fund our pride-and-joy. We want to make it as faithful to the design intent as can be.


Trinity has been in development for nearly six years. It was, once upon a time, a fan-made video game based on the Pokémon franchise owned by Nintendo; over the course of two years much world-building took place, sowing the seeds for what became this.

After some time, progress stagnated due to a lack of exposure, and in the mean time many other lively projects were finding themselves distraught with cease-and-desist letters from Nintendo. So, the project’s creator decided to emigrate to greener pastures.

Seeing the opportunity and potential in a real, true-blue JRPG adventure, he began the search for a team of developers to help make the project a reality. The notion of Pokémon was dropped, and the game went into pre-production, where it remains today.

Current motions

For as long as Trinity has been in the making, we have that much farther to go. The materials you see here make up the tip of the iceberg; they are only the beginnings of a swell game that any lover of RPGs can enjoy. Depth in emotion, a star-crossed blend of culture in lore, and a double-edged perspective of our characters are the hallmarks of Trinity, spiced with a nimble and non-intrusive construction of gameplay alongside intuitive interfaces and controls for a supremely immersive experience.

Because of the audacity of this endeavour, it will naturally take quite a lot of time and money, if we do it right. The good news is, we have a strong levee of investment and support to keep us moving forward and into completing the game, one step at a time. To make Trinity the best it can possibly be, biding our resources over time is, to us, the wisest choice. So, it starts.